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redcoal offers a wide range of mobile application services tailored to corporations of any size. Our services leverage the unique capabilities of our technology platforms, while focusing and targeting them in a customised manner to meet the needs of our clients. These services can be purchased as Application Services (ASP) or as custom built, deployed solutions. Our ASP solutions minimise start-up costs and spread the investment optimally through time with costing based on actual usage. With our quick set-up procedure, our clients can be up and running in no time.

Features and Benefits:

- All solutions are built on top of the redcoal value added services platform to minimise technical risk.
- We allow for flexible commercial arrangements including phased project implementation in order to mitigate financial risks.
- Work with a company that has years of experience in mobile technology and more than a dozen blue chip reference clients.
- We develop customized Mobile solutions combining SMS, MMS WAP, HTML and J2ME for an optimal user experience.
- We have the ability to integrate with corporate applications enabling our clients to expand the borders of their Intranet, Extranet and legacy applications.

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